This article covers the confusion you may have over the cut time and how it works.


Setting the cut time

  • It is a very simple process. Once the robot mower is switched on press on one of the four cutting time options seen in the image below. 

  • Choosing the right amount of cutting time depends on the size of your garden. The table below displays the size of the garden and how long it should be set to cut for.

Garden sizeCutting time setting recommended
300 m² or less4 hours
400 - 600 m² 6 hours
800 - 1000 m²8 hours
1200 m² or more10 hours

  • From here press the start button when you want your robot mower to go out to cut.

Tip: Once the lawnmower starts on the cycle you set it on it will repeat this at the same time the next day. 


  • Why does my robot mower go back to the charging station during its cutting time? The cutting time that you set also includes the amount of time it needs to charge. During its cutting time, it will lose power and need to recharge this is all done automatically.
  • My time cutting setting LED is flashing. What does this mean? Nothing to worry about, this is normal as it is just indicating that your mower has completed its cut and is now not going to cut until the next day. 

Tip: To change the time cycle you currently have, unlock your machine by entering your pin. Then select the desired time and press start. The time you press start will now be the new start time for your cut cycle.

If after performing the above checks you are still having an issue with your product please don't hesitate to reach out to our team via our live chat.