This article will cover the procedure in setting and resetting a PIN code on your robot mower.


How to Reset the Pin Code

Depending on the model, please try the below:

The panel is equipped with a 5 keys numerical keyboard. Use "4H" for 0, "6H" for 1, "8H" for 2, "10H" for 3, "S1" for 4, and "S2" for 5.

Changing the PIN Code:

  1. Switch OFF the main power switch (see 'Starting-up mower').
  2. Press and hold the lock button.
  3. Hold down the lock button while switching ON the main power switch. After about 6 seconds, all LEDs on the control panel will start flashing fast.
  4. Release the lock button. 
  5. Within 6 seconds, enter your new PIN-Code. The Robomower will confirm the changed PIN with a single beep. 
  6. All LEDs will go out and the Robomower will reboot. Once the LED of the lock button flashes, the reboot is complete. You can now unlock your Robomower with your new PIN.

Note: If you do not remember your PIN code, please set a new PIN as described above. It is not possible to reset the device to the default PIN code of "4x ".